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Recon what?!

It was entertaining watching people attempt to get past Security @ Blackhat without a badge. Apparently, there are those who have forgotten how to do reconnaissance. When performing reconnaissance of a sensitive target, it is best to survey many times. Foremost, it helps to identify patterns. However, when surveying multiple times, it increases the chance one could be detected. Try to avoid the below issues and you will be on a path towards success.

Do not get caught:

Continuing on with free static source hacking

Many eyes are better than one?

I was reading my twitter feed and read this quote

`…there is no reason to believe that the many eyes inspecting (open) source code would be successful in identifying bugs that allow system security to be compromised…' – Michael Warfield.

I couldn’t disagree more. But instead of writing some blog post or some rant on script kiddies, I decided to do something about it.

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